lisa-cropped-dds_06DDS was founded in September of 2003 by Lisa Rager, managing member and President. DDS is a result of Lisa Rager seeing a need for someone to raise the standard for how things were done in dental staffing  industry.  Having worked in the dental profession for almost 10 years, she had taken a leave to stay home and care for her children.  Once the kids were in school Lisa decided, with the help and support of her parents, to go back into the profession as a temporary employee.  She called the existing agencies and was soon on her way to working in dental offices as a temp.

When on assignments Lisa was often asked by the dentist and staff why they did not get someone with her abilities each time they called for a temporary placement. As an EFDA, trained at The Ohio State University to restore teeth, and with her abilities as a Certified Ohio Dental Assistant her experiences were much different than a typical temporary staffer.

Other challenges

Miscommunication in the dental staffing industry seems to be the normal course of business. Lisa would be called to go on an assignment and show up to work only to find the hours were not what she was told.  On one assignment, Lisa arrived only to find out the hours were not 8-2 but 2-8. Another example was when the office actually needed a hygiene sub and not an EFDA.  Lisa made the decision that it was time for someone to raise the standards of this industry.

Making Changes and Taking Risks

Making the changes we made in 2012 was not an easy task. Many months were spent working with our attorney, and accountant to make sure we were bringing solutions and changes to all our client doctors that would follow employment law and the rules and standards set forth by the Ohio State Dental Board for our profession.

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