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dds_03The changes with our business model this past year brought with it some new challenges and knowledge that we needed to increase the time and services included with the DDS Touch.

Now we not only meet & verify credentials on the candidates that we send out to our client doctors, we also have each candidate go through OSHA compliance and HIPPA compliance training.

We also use Criminal Watchdog to look into the background of each candidate finding out valuable information on candidates before they are placed in an office.

Some of our dental office clients have asked us for drug testing on an employee before they hire them.  We are happy to send any staffer out for a pre-employment drug test before they are placed permanently in an office.

The dental offices that wanted full service staffing are now happy to have a service where DDS is taking on all the liabilities. When using our full service option, we pay the staffer and are responsible for all employment taxes.  If there is an unemployment claim or a workman’s compensation claim, we are responsible.

When called upon to help an office find a permanent dental employee, we try hard to get to know the office and get a feel for the type of practice they have.  During our screening process with the staffers we ask questions to try and find out if we are dealing with a rules based or principal based employee and what motivates them.  Our goal is to make a match that will be a great fit for both the dental office and the staffer.

When called upon for temporary needs we make sure we send a placement confirmation detailing who is coming, the hours to be worked, any special instructions, and the hourly rate of the temp.  Along with the confirmation we are sending you all the supporting documents on the temporary candidate you would need should the state dental board decide to visit your office that day.

I feel very fortunate to get to do what I do. I am passionate about helping people and about doing the right thing and Dentistry has always given me the opportunity to express that passion.

I love knowing that on any given day when I get 6:00 am phone call from someone needing a temporary dental professional, I’m touching a lot of lives by helping to fill that need.   I’m not only helping a dentist with Keeping Production Without Interruption, I’m helping a mother rest easy while she stays home with her sick child.  I’m helping that sick child have mom at home.  I’m helping every patient on the schedule not to have their appointment rescheduled, and helping the staff not feel the stress of being short a member of their dental team.

I get a lot of joy out of knowing that I’m touching so many people’s lives by doing what I do!

We want to take care of all our client offices!  We want to make sure we are giving all our offices quality service. I hope that by seeing all the steps that are now going into our interview and screening process will help explain the new fee structure and show you how our services are a cut above the rest!

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