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 You have heard the saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”
 Many of you are friends with me on facebook. I just wanted to remind you that it is probably not a good idea to speak about the office you work for in a negative way. 
 First of all, it is just  not professional. 
 Earlier this week I saw a post by a staffer about how awful her boss is to work for. 
 I immediately went to her personal page to see where she was employed.
 I thought to myself I certainly hope her boss doesn’t see this and if he or she does, I hope they have policies in place to deal with it. I thought to myself, If I can see it, I wonder how many potential patients can see it? 
Some offices have it clearly stated in their office manual that if you speak negatively on facebook about the office you will be terminated. 
We all have bad days.  It’s ok to state you had a bad day at the office, but be careful that you “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”  and lose your job over what you post!

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