I received a resume from an email address this week that prompted me to ask this question.  I wasn’t even sure if I was going to open it. 
 The email came from 1HOTBABE@….
 I thought to myself does this candidate realize that her resume may not even be opened with an email address like this.
When sending your resume to an office or staffing agency for review I want you to think about a few things.
1.  Your email should be professional and not playful.  Using your name in the email address is always a good thing. Using RDH, or EFDA, DDS, or CDA is fine but please don’t send an email address from FOXYRDH@….
I use the following email address for non-business related correspondence with my daughters school.  There is no question that the email is from me.  It won’t be mistaken for spam. 
2. Think about setting up an email address just for your job search?  This will help you with organization.  You can check it daily for responses and know that you are not missing anything related to a potential job search.
3. When attaching your resume label it with your name.  This will help the person opening it and saving it to their computer easily do so.  It is less likely to misplaced.  LRagerEFDAresume.
We don’t want your resume to be overlooked or get lost when you are sending it out.  So take the time to think about how you are representing yourself.  You will be glad you did!

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